Every Sunday evening at 6.30 p.m.
                Surry Hills Neighbourhood Centre
     Corner Collins and Norton Streets, SURRY HILLS.
      (Behind the Surry Hills Library, 405 Crown Street)
Street Outreach:  Please contact Pastor Barbara for details.


Correspondence course for Evangelism.
We have a correspondence course available with simple guidelines to start evangelising.

The name of the course is:  'The Art of Fishing'
and is subtitled,  'Guidelines for evangelism'.

The course is divided in the following sections:
  1.  Why evangelism?
  2.  The order to go out.
  3.  Following Jesus.
  4.  Get yourself together and get organised.
  5.  Personal attitude.
  6.  General necessities for rallies.
  7.  Street ministry aimed at children and youth.
  8.  Catching young people.
  9.  General overview.

This course is free of charge and at the completion of the course you will receive a certificate from The Training School  for Christian Ministries.

After completing a section, you will automatically receive the next section with comments on the answers for the previous section.

The course can be done via the e-mail or via normal mail.
Apply for the e-mail by writing to
or to Training School for Christian Ministries, 184 St Johns Road, Bradbury, NSW 2560, Australia

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